Why You Need To Call OmniTech Support?

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These days, you may find a number of tech support services over the internet that claim to provide authentic tech support to customers. Most of them also provide 24×7 services, which makes it easier for the users to contact them whenever they are in need. However, not all these services are genuine and some of them are actually fraudsters who look to leak out money and information from the customers. This is why it is recommended to always contact genuine tech support services like the OmniTech support team.

The benefit of calling reliable tech support companies like OmniTech support is that you can be assured of the top quality assistance from the skilled technicians there. But while doing so, it is also important to dial the correct tech support number to stay away from OmniTech Support scam and fraud issues. Here, the technicians have been well trained to troubleshoot and fix all the issues related to the system, be it the hardware or the software program installed in it. In short, by calling OmniTech support, you can be assured of getting the best technical assistance in fixing your computer issues in quick time.

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OmniTech support provides several interesting options to the users. These include support guides, online chat support service, remote assistance, virus removal tools etc. Several users call up OmniTech support to get their system issues resolved, irrespective of the severity of the problem. The support guides provided by the tech support service provides an opportunity to the users where they can attempt to troubleshoot and resolve the computer issues themselves. These support manuals comprise of instructions that the customers can follow in order to fix the commonly occurring computer issues. The OmniTech Support scam alerts also warn the customers to use genuine versions of software programs in their systems to prevent getting system issues.

OmniTech support service also provides a 24×7 chat support service to the customers, which allows them to seek assistance from the technicians even during the wee hours. All they require is to use the chat dialog box provided by the tech support team and start conversing with the technicians. The OmniTech support technicians use the remote assistance feature to access the customers’ computers. This is beneficial for the customers because they would be able to see the troubleshooting steps performed by the technicians and thus, will be able to resolve the same issues if they pop up again in the future.

In short, whenever you encounter a tech issue in your computer, the best option would be to contact the OmniTech support team.

Resolving Windows 7 Errors With Ease

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        Windows 7 Support

Windows 7 is arguably the best operating system to be released after Windows XP. There are very few operating systems having the quality, solidity and usability as Windows 7.

With Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a set of first of its kind features that any other in its line could not boast of. For technology savvy individuals, Windows 7 is backed with innovations. Microsoft has made the perfect OS with Windows 7. It has better control features that help parents in exhibiting control over child computer use, and the advanced support for Microsoft Windows 7 services is just the icing on the cake.

What made Windows 7 so popular

Windows 7 has taken the popularity of any Windows operating system to newer heights. With an interface extremely easy and simple yet highly efficient, users will not find it hard to use the OS. This is actually where the experts and the available resources come to picture. While offering Windows 7 technical support, the official as well as third party support people are well versed to fix even the trickiest of issues with ease. There are help and support options for Installing Windows 7 to troubleshooting issues that can hinder users work protocol. Experts have this all covered.

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The users require contacting an expert and telling them their issues through phone or chat. The technicians will help them fix issues through remote assistance or chat. Don’t fall for OmniTech Support fraud reports. Omni Tech Support is a genuine tech support provider based in Los Angeles, California. In case of Windows 7 issues, most tech support service experts instruct the users to follow a step-by-step troubleshooting procedure or the technician would take control of the PC thorough Remote Assistance. You would need to provide permissions for the same.

In short, to summarize, Microsoft, world’s leading software maker, has been successful in fulfilling the needs of users promptly. However, the launch of Windows 7 and then the initiation of Windows 7 support was a drastic step helping the same to get many more followers. Though completely loaded with various features, this operating system is still not free from the incidence of issues, errors that can pop up anytime. What makes this an ignorable fact is the support services that any Personal Computer user out there will be able to rely on and have access to anytime.

OmniTech Support fraud reports are falsely perpetuated by rival tech support companies. Contact the tech support provider whenever you face issues with the Windows 7 OS.

How To Get Rid Of The Blue Screen Of Death Issue?

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      Technical Support

I have had this problem many times and thanks to Omni Tech Support, the issue got resolved. Those of you, who do not know what it is, Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is by far the most frustrating computer error mostly caused by physical faults and inconsistencies  such as memory issues, power problems, overheating of computer components, or when your system hardware runs beyond its limits,  and several others.

In case you see the blue screen error, you might also notice certain error messages appear on your screen. This means that there are some serious issues that are mostly due to improper device driver or firmware .The Blue screen of death error can be really annoying issue creating lots of issues to the end user. It may get worse if you get advice from fake OmniTech Support scam companies. The original Omni Tech Support is awesome and genuine.

Here are some steps that may help you with the problem. Try it out.

When the booting starts, you require choosing the Safe Mode from the boot menu. Then, you need to scan your hard disk by running your antivirus program. If there is an infection, you need to move it to your vault, remove it or repair. When program is completed, you will be able to attempt rebooting your system.

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If that is not the case, go to safe mode again. You need to restore your system to a previous point. Click on Start. After that, you need to select All Programs, go to Accessories, then System Tools and finally click on System Restore. Choose a restore point on or before the last day your system worked without issues. At last, you need to reboot your system for seeing if it loads properly.

If the above steps failed, you can consider that the boot files on your hard drive might have become corrupt. You can anyway attempt to resolve booting from your Recovery CD and follow the instructions for repairing the issue. Another possible reason for the error to occur would be that of the Windows Loader file corruption and it is this that is causing your BSOD message.

The solutions offered by some of the fake OmniTech Support scam companies may even be erroneous. The official Omni Tech Support (OTS) service offers some of the best IT solutions. If you are not able to fix it yourselves, try Omni Tech Support for assistance.

How To Address Outlook Problems With The Help Of Windows Registry Cleaner?

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Outlook problems are certain to impact your work and productivity like any other corrupted computer applications. You need Outlook to work flawlessly in order to send and receive emails, access contacts saved in the address book and many more. Outlook problems can pop up owing to a number of reasons such as internet connectivity issues, corrupted PST files, incorrect Outlook profile etc. According to Omni Tech support desk, many of the Outlook problems can be fixed with the help of Windows Registry.

How to fix Outlook problems through Windows Registry?

Windows Registry is a database where important files associated with your Windows Operating system as well as installed applications are stored. When an important file associated with a particular application in the Windows Registry is lost, you are sure to face problems with the concerned application. In order to fix the problem, you need to find out the missing file in the Windows Registry and replace it immediately.

Corruption of Windows Registry files can also cause problems with the application. If the cause of a specific program, for instance Outlook, is the corruption of any important associated files, then you need to repair the file immediately.

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In order to fix Outlook problems due to missing or corrupted files in the Windows Registry, you are going to require a reputed Windows Registry cleaner. With the help of a sound Windows Registry Cleaner software, you can fix the Outlook error instantly. The best part is that the Windows Registry Cleaner application can not only be used for dealing with Outlook problems but also problems with other applications.

Find Windows Registry Cleaner online

There are hundreds of free Windows Registry Cleaner tools available online. All you need to do is simply download an authentic cleaner, install it and run. While running the Registry Cleaner tool, you may have to specify the program that you wish to repair. Consider reading the official website of the developer of the program to read a few reviews about the program and evaluate it. You can even find the instructions to execute the program from the developer’s website.

Cleaning up the Windows Registry is the best thing to begin with for addressing the Outlook problems. If you need any further help on executing Windows Registry to fix Outlook problems, contact our Omni Tech support desk. Visit our online support forum to find free troubleshooting steps to fix common Outlook problems.

Why Is OmniTech Support Better Than Other Technical Support Firms

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When I bought my laptop two years back, it had the highest configuration available at that time. I wanted to make sure that my laptop gives me the best performance each time I work with it. Even though it worked fine for the past two years, I have been experiencing few issues with it since last month. Earlier, the laptop used to take me to the desktop window in less than a minute and now, it takes more than five minutes once it is turned on.

In addition to the slow performance of the laptop, I received many pop ups from it, which were unusual. I decided to avail the services of an expert to fix this issue. Initially, I contacted a famous support firm in the country. The technicians at this firm worked on my laptop for about 2 hours and told me that the issue was fixed. However, there was not much difference and it still gave error pop up messages. After another week, one my friends told me to contact OmniTech Support to fix the issue.

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Since I had lost my money with one technical support firm, I did not want to lose it again and I did a thorough research on this company before availing the support. I searched the internet on the topics like OmniTech Support scams and OmniTech Support reviews. When I searched for OmniTech Support scams, I found a few articles. However, I found that none of these articles were true or believable. When I searched for OmniTech Support reviews, I found large number of positive reviews about this company. I went through each of these reviews and one thing that was common in all these reviews was that majority of the customers who availed support from this company was happy. Therefore, I contacted OmniTech Support to fix the issues.

My decision to contact this technical support firm was hundred percent correct. The technicians at this company worked on my computer for less than twenty minutes and once they completed the troubleshooting steps, I found that my computer was working with the speed it had when I bought it two years back. I also found that the error pop ups no longer appear on my computer. I am thankful for the great support provided for me. I think OmniTech Support has some the best technicians in the country and I am sure that this firm will not let you down.


Fixing MSNCon32 DLL Errors In Outlook

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Errors are very common in the Outlook program; you will be able to fix these issues only if you know the root cause that is causing them. But, unfortunately, many of us are not Microsoft trained technicians or wizards to fix all the Outlook errors on our own. The Omni tech support tips given below discuss the steps to fix the MSNCon32 DLL Errors in the Outlook program. You can follow the steps carefully to avoid any issues.

There can be two reasons for this error. The first cause can be that your computer is unable to read or find the msncon32.dll file. This file is very much necessary for the proper working of the Outlook program. The second cause can be some file corruption in the Outlook program and the program may not be able to read this file. To fix the msncon32.dll error, you will need to ensure that the Outlook program and the Windows operating system are working properly without any issues.


  • The first step is to install the Outlook Connector plug in. The issue can be caused as the PC may think that the plugin is already installed in the PC, but it will not be able to locate the plugin. To fix this, you will need to install the plugin and then repair the installation.
  • The second thing that you can do to get rid of the error is to rest the Extend.dat file. This is an important file that is used by the
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    Outlook Tech Issues

    Microsoft Office products and the file helps the Microsoft products to load different plugins. This file is used continuously by the Outlook program, but the file is very much vulnerable and can get corrupted very easily. This can make the computer to search for plugins that are not installed in the PC. It is always recommended to reset the Extensions.dat file to ensure that it is working without any issues.

  • The final step is to clean the registry of the computer. This will help you get rid of the registry errors in the computer. To do this, you can make use of some reliable registry cleaner. These are nothing but software tools that can scan through the registry database of the Windows computer. These programs will also fix the errors that are present.

These are the simple steps to get rid of the MSNCon32 DLL error in the Outlook program as per the Omni tech support guidelines. Contact the Omnitech support desk if you need any further assistance.

Benefits Of Upgrading To Windows 8

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Find Quality Tech Support Service

Most users like to do some research online before they upgrade their operating systems. However, they often end up visiting spam sites, where false information is provided. One of the best sources for the latest tech news online is the blog section in the OmniTech Support website. However, you need to stay away from the Omni Tech Support fraud websites, which are aplenty online.

Why you should upgrade to Windows 8 OS

Windows 8 OS is the latest Microsoft operating system available in the market. However, when the OS first hit the market in October 2012, it received a lot of criticism for the new radical user interface design. The new Metro UI that Microsoft introduced in Windows 8 is designed for touch screen devices.

The touch screen support is not the issue here. Where Microsoft made the error is their decision to introduce a ‘One UI for all versions’ strategy with Windows 8. This meant that Windows 8 Desktop OS had the same OS UI as your Windows 8 smartphone or tablet operating system. The Start Menu, the Task bar, the Quick Launch bar, etc were removed from the main OS screen. Even the power options were hidden away somewhere, much like you see in your smartphone OS.

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However, Microsoft fixed many of these issues by releasing two OS updates – Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update 1. These updates are available to all Windows 8 users for free and are very similar to the Service Pack updates you received for the earlier Windows OS versions. These updates bring back the Task Bar, the Quick Launch options, the Start button and a reduced form of the desktop Start menu.

Now, it is also possible to boot directly to the Desktop OS mode, instead of going through the smartphone-style Metro UI. Microsoft will also be bringing back the full Start Menu for the desktop users in the next Windows OS version, Windows 10. So, the Windows 8 OS UI is not as bad as it was before.

On top of this, Windows 8 also brings in a lot of new features and apps. You will find a lot of cloud storage features in-built into the OS and also, you will get an in-built antivirus application as well. In fact, it is the most secure operating system available in the market.

Call our tech support personnel, if you face any problems while upgrading your system. Meanwhile, stay away from the Omni Tech Support fraud sites and other online scams.

Easy Steps For Updating Your Windows 8 Machine

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By now, many of you may have upgraded your PCs to the latest Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 offers a better computing experience. It has a touch friendly user interface and requires minimum system requirements. Microsoft recommends users to update their Windows 8 PCs from time to time to make it immune to common problems. Here is some useful information on how to update Windows 8. Alternatively, you can contact our OmniTech support desk should you need real time assistance for Windows 8 update. Nonetheless, take precaution against OmniTech support ripoff sites.


  • First of all, turn on your PC. When the PC is started, go to the Start screen by clicking the Windows key. If you are with a non-touch screen device, bring up the Charms bar first by placing the pointer at the upper right corner of the window. Touch screen device users just need to tap the finger at the upper right corner of the screen in order to bring up the charms bar.
  • When the Charms bar is enabled, select the Change PC Settings option.  This will reveal a further submenu. Choose Update & Recovery from the resulting submenu.
  • Locate the option that says Check for Updates in the Update & Recovery screen. Click on the option and Windows will search for all the available and pending updates that you need to install. Follow the on-screen directions to download and install the updates.
  • It is possible to enable Automatic Windows Update. By enabling this feature, you do not have to manually check for updates every time. Windows will look for available updates when the PC is connected to the internet and install them automatically. All these will take place in the background without affecting your tasks.

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Checking Windows 8 update history

You can check your Windows 8 update history. The option to check the update history lies beneath the Check for Updates button. It is recommended to review your Windows 8 Update history from time to time, as it will let you know if any update has failed.

Microsoft has improved the update options in Windows 8. The Automatic Windows Update option in Windows 8 works better as compared to previous Windows versions. Contact our experts at Omni Tech support desk to learn more about the different ways in which you can manage updates in Windows 8.  Make sure that you are contacting the genuine OmniTech support desk and not any OmniTech support ripoff pages.

Want To Fix Your PC – Call OmniTech Support

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OmniTech Support Services

When it comes to resolving issues related to the computer, most people prefer tech support services that are easily accessible. Although it has many advantages, one also needs to ensure that he is calling up a genuine tech support service. This s because nowadays, several companies have cropped up that claims to provide authentic technical assistance to users. However, many of these are fraudsters that trap people on the pretext of providing genuine technical solutions to fix the glitches in their systems.

OmniTech support team is one of the most authentic and reliable tech support services that you can rely upon to get your system issues fixed in quick time. The technicians at OmniTech support are well trained to resolve all issues related to the computers, regardless of the severity of the problems. But as mentioned earlier, you need to ensure that you’re contacting the right tech support service so that you don’t become a victim of the OmniTech Support scam issues.

OmniTech support provides several useful options to the users that includes a chat support service that is available round the clock, a virus removal service, support guides, manuals etc. These options ensure that the computer issues, be it related to the hardware or software program installed in the system, are resolved in time.

The support guides provided by the OmniTech support team helps in educating the customers about the main technical problems that pop up in the computers and also about the troubleshooting steps needed to fix them. By following these support manuals, the customers can even attempt to resolve the issues without depending on the technicians.

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Similarly, the online chat support service, which is available 24×7, provides an opportunity to the customers to chat with the technicians and seek assistance whenever they are in need. The customers can enter their queries in the chat dialog box and the technicians will provide the best resolution tips. The tech support service also provides several useful tips to the customers to ensure that their computers run fine. For example, the OmniTech Support scam alerts also warn the customers to download and install genuine versions of software programs in their systems to reduce the occurrence of errors.

The remote assistance feature used by the OmniTech support technician to access your computer will also provide an opportunity to view the troubleshooting steps performed by him in your system.

In short, calling up OmniTech support service should be the next thing on your list whenever you encounter an error in your computer.

Quick Remedy For Making Outlook Your Default Email Client

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The first step of making Outlook your default email client application is setting up your email account in it. It is a simple process where you are required to provide Outlook with details regarding your email account. Well, before you get started with setting up your email account in Outlook, make sure that you do the following steps.

Update Outlook

Check your Outlook version. If it is an older or outdated version, make sure that you upgrade it to the latest one. Latest Outlook versions create fewer troubles as compared to older versions. Upon completing the upgrade, you can proceed with setting up your email account in the application. Here are the steps. Alternatively, you can contact our Omni Tech support desk for real-time assistance for Outlook email setup. If you come across any OmniTech support fraud sites while trying to contact us, kindly report to us.


  • Launch Outlook and navigate to the File option. Select Account Settings and click the option that says Add an email account. Click Next to continue.
  • Outlook will initiate the Add email account wizard. In the first section of the wizard titled Account details, you are expected to add details regarding your email account. The details include Your Name and Full email address.

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  • Once done with filling in the Account Details section, go to the next section titled Server details. Here, you have to add details such as Incoming mail server details and Outgoing mail server details. If you don’t know the details, get in touch with your email service provider and gather the details. Once done, click Next again to continue.
  • In this section labelled Login details, give your login credentials (Username and password). Select Next to proceed.
  • Select the Test Account Settings option now. This will prompt Outlook to verify the account details you have provided. Upon the completion of the verification, Outlook will attempt to establish connection with your email server. If the connection gets established successfully, you would receive a confirmation message. This means, you are ready now to use Outlook for emailing.

Latest Outlook versions let you customize the application and thereby make your emailing experience better. Feel free to contact our Omni Tech support team to learn more about using Outlook effectively. Remember that Omni Tech support desk is a genuine online tech support service and the OmniTech support fraud reports are crafted with the intention to defame it.