Windows 7 Support Ends In 2015

Windows 7 Support

             Windows 7 OS

Microsoft has recently announced that the mainstream support for the Windows 7 operating system will end soon. They have warned the users that the end is coming for Windows 7 operating system much in the same way it came for Windows XP OS earlier this year. The free mainstream support for the Windows 7 OS will end on Jan 13, 2015, but the users will be getting security updates till the year 2020. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows 7 support team.

It is believed that this move will mostly affect consumers. Businesses that pay for the extended Windows 7 support will be supported for another five years, that is, till January 14, 2020. This is very much important, as many businesses are right now in the process of upgrading their old Windows XP computers, but they are upgrading to Windows 7 and not Windows 8 operating system. There is some speculation that, Microsoft may change their mind as the end of support date nears and may continue to support Windows 7 a bit longer, like they had done for the Windows XP operating system. Microsoft had supported Windows XP for about 13 years.

Desktop Mode

            Windows 7 Help

That kind of extension does not seem likely at this point. You should understand that the Windows 8 operating system includes a full version of Windows 7 OS, which is called as Desktop mode. With the Windows 8.1 version, it is very much possible to run Windows 8 computer in Desktop mode and avoid the confusing and new Windows 8 part of the operating system. It seems that Microsoft really has to nudge the users into buying Windows 8 computers. More Windows 8 computers means that more of the developers will want to develop software for the Windows 8 OS. This will obviously make more and more users buy the operating system.

Windows 7 OS is the much used and preferred Windows operating system. The market share of this operating system is the highest among all the Windows operating systems. By ending the mainstream support of the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft is planning to make these users move to Windows 8, thereby increasing the user base of Windows 8. By the way, Microsoft has also set a date for the end of life of the mainstream support of Windows 8, including the latest Windows 8.1 for Jan 9, 2018.

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Exploring Microsoft Outlook

Outlook address book

         Make Outlook address book

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best emailing platforms that Microsoft has ever offered to its users. In fact, it is not simply an emailing platform, but much more. Exploring it in detail will let you understand the versatility of Microsoft Outlook. If you are ready to take an Outlook tour, let us begin.

Creating contact from an Outlook email message

The traditional way of creating a contact is by manually typing the email address in the address book. However, it differs in Outlook as simply dragging and dropping an email message to your Contact folder is all enough to include a new email address in your Contacts folder.  In the Notes section, you can find the message body. This will help you to identify the reason, for which the person contacted you.

Some senders include additional information in their email messages like their website address, telephone number, mailing address and others. You can copy this information and paste them in required fields.

Give categories for your contacts

Sometimes, you may have numerous contacts and this will make it difficult to find the contact when you require it. To avoid this problem, Outlook provides you the opportunity to categorize the contacts. Thus, you could easily locate the name of the person, to whom you wish to send a message.

Visit the map indicating your contact’s location

exploring contacts mailing address

         Record Outlook address book

This feature mostly comes handy when you take a business tour to your client’s place. Upon opening Contact record, you can select Display Map of Address button, this will make use of MSN Maps, and the map of your contact’s address will be displayed on your screen. This feature is functional only in USA and will only help, if you have entered the street address. Hence, this feature will function only on such email addresses.

Take a printout of Outlook address book

Saving information in Outlook address book often helps when you are in need. Most often people provide their name and email address in Microsoft Outlook. This often turns useful, when you require printing the addresses of people in your address book. Outlook offers plenty of layouts for planners and address books, Day Timer and other products.

Add picture

While saving a contact, Outlook gives you the chance to save a picture for your contact. This will be useful, when you will need to remember many faces.

Hope you found the information provided in this article useful.

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Windows 7 Makes Steady Growth In The Market Share

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

             Windows 8 Features

It seems that Microsoft is being led to situations where it does not seem to know whether to cringe or rejoice. Yes, I am talking about the recent report of Windows market share released by Net Applications. The report suggests that there is a steady growth in the number of users who have migrated to Windows 7. Obviously, this gives enough reason for the tech giant to rejoice.

Net Applications has also released a report that says that there has been a remarkable decline in the number of users with Windows 8.1. This month’s report from Net Applications is apparently a blow for Microsoft, which has been looking forward to seeing improvements in its Windows 8 market share. It is the first time in this year that Microsoft is witnessing the remarkable drop in its market share.

Windows 8.x market share drop- An analysis

Net Applications has given a combined statistics of the market shares of Windows 8 family of operating systems, which include both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In previous months, there were drops in Windows 8 market share but it never meant a drop in the Windows 8 family of operating systems. The drop was reported only with Windows 8.

OS X And Linux

           Windows 7 Market Share

Although the growth of Windows 8.1 was slow, it was steady. But, the July report from Net Applications shows that there is a drop in combined market share of both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The combined market share of Windows 8 in the month of June was 12.56 percent. It dropped to 12.48 percent by the end of July-the report suggests. It seems that the August update hasn’t contributed to a rise in Windows 8 market share.

Is Windows 7 gaining market share at the expense of Windows 8?

In the wake of recent reports about the fluctuations in the Windows market share, it is wise to do a detailed Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparison. One should assume that Windows 7 is gaining its market share at the cost of both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. There have also been drops in the market shares of both OS X and Linux. According to the statistics released by Net Applications, the latest market share of Windows 7 is 51.22 percent, a steady rise of about 0.67 percent.

Reports suggest that Windows 7 could soon claim about 60 percent of the total Windows market share. Definitely, this will give rise to stronger Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparisons in future.

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Tips To Retrieve Deleted Outlook Emails

Outlook Problems

         Outlook Emails

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email clients by many people. Outlook is in fact considered as an effective personal information manager from the house of Microsoft. This is the reason why Outlook comes as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. The updated version for Windows is known as Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 and for Mac is known as Microsoft Office Outlook 2011.

Microsoft Outlook is inclusive of other technical features such as calendar, journal, task manager and contact manager. Outlook can be used as Microsoft Share Point Server or just as a stand-alone application. In a way, we can say that email communications are swift and trouble free with Microsoft Outlook. At the same time, there are probabilities for occasional Outlook problems. You may have to face such issues when important emails are automatically deleted and that too without any prior notifications. Read along to know more about the ways to rectify such technical issues.

Outlook problems

Microsoft Outlook 2013

                Outlook Problem

It is advisable that you create regular backups for your PST files. This is because creating backups for your PST files will keep you protected from any unexpected data loss that can happen when you delete Outlook emails. You must note that the Sent Items folder of your Outlook will have few of the most important emails that you prefer to keep. At the same time, most of the sent emails will be automatically redirected to the Deleted Items folder. Adding to that, you may also notice that some of the emails inside the Sent Items will be missing and can be found in the folder of Deleted Items. You must be extra cautious since such technical issues can result in the permanent deletion of important emails.

One of the best ways to rectify this Outlook problem is to check and then delete the faulty rule. Once this is done, you can proceed by disabling the antivirus program for scanning all your Outlook emails. You can also effectually rectify the problem when you have a proper backup. The problem can also be resolved when you have the deleted items still inside the folder of Deleted Items. It is recommended to make use of a Deleted Mail Recovery application for recovering deleted Outlook emails.

One of the major advantages of using the Deleted Email Recovery software is that you can easily scan Outlook PST for retrieving the deleted emails and that too in their original format.

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Microsoft Admits That Windows 8 Is Their Worst OS?

Windows 8 Problems

         Windows 8 OS

As per the recent reports, Microsoft is going to abandon the Windows 8 Start screen interface for traditional computers in the upcoming version of Windows. This version is currently code named Threshold. The tech world sees this to be pretty drastic. Does this move show that Microsoft recognizes that Windows 8 was the biggest OS bust in their history?

Mary Jo Foley reports that the next version of the Windows operating system that is due to be released in 2015 will adapt itself to whatever hardware that is installed on the computer. This means that for laptops and desktops, the Windows Desktop will be front and center together with the Start menu. This change is Microsoft’s admission that Windows 8 operating system has been a failure. It is the biggest turnaround that Microsoft has made when it comes to OS changes. This is nearly the equivalent to Microsoft reverting to DOS after the release of Windows.

Windows 8 operating system is not a garden-variety version of Windows for Microsoft Corporation; it is the vision of the company of future computing. In reality, the users hate the operating system and that too for good reason. There are some bombs that Windows 8 had to compete against. Windows ME was laughably bad and it lasted only a little more than a year before the release of Windows XP operating system.

Biggest OS Bust

            Windows 8 Issues

The Windows 8 operating system forces the users of traditional PCs to wrangle with an OS that is built for touch screen tablets and the OS bolts together two completely different operating systems. This has added to the list of Windows 8 problems. The consequences of these problems will haunt the Redmond based giant much longer than Windows Vista did. The Windows 7 OS largely fixed what was wrong with Windows Vista and due to this, Microsoft suffered no serious long-term losses. This is not the case with Windows 8.

Windows 8 was released at a time when Microsoft needed a splash in the tablets market. But, as the tablets were forced to run an OS that is built for both traditional PCs and tablets, Windows 8 never proved to be a great operating system for tablets alone. The good news is that Microsoft has realized the Windows 8 problems. Now, the question is whether the next version of Windows can help Microsoft get over the issues caused by Windows 8.

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