Directions For Improving Wi-Fi Signal Quality

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Wireless routers are fast replacing the conventional types of cable modems. The advantage with wireless routers is that they can provide a gateway for multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and Xbox consoles. While cable modem restricts your freedom to move with your computing device, wireless router allows you to go anywhere within the signal range.

Nevertheless, at times you may find that your Wi-Fi signal is very low and is impacting severely the performance of your devices. The reason can be the interference on the way of Wi-Fi signal. As you know, Wi-Fi signals are radio waves. They can easily be interfered by factors such as adverse weather conditions, distance, obstacles on the way, etc. Omni Tech support desk has found out a few methods to regain the strength of Wi-Fi signals.  They are given below. You can use these free methods for testing OmniTech support before subscribing to any premium PC support plans.

Ensure the right channel for the Wi-Fi signal

If you are living in an apartment, chances are that there can be many Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi signals from other networks could potentially interfere with yours and affect the internet speed. If you are facing issues with your Wi-Fi due to the interference of other Wi-Fi networks, find out the location of the interfering Wi-Fi access points. Now, you can either replace the position of your Wi-Fi router or request your neighbour to change his. In either ways, you can benefit from the replacement.

See if you can point the antenna vertically

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Most wireless routers have adjustable physical antennas. Oftentimes, the internet service providers point the antenna horizontally to fit the place where it is placed. The router can transmit the signals better than how it does if the antenna is pointed vertically. If the router has two different antennas, make sure that they are pointed in same direction.

Check whether the router is placed properly

The place you choose to position your wireless router plays an important role in the quality of Wi-Fi signal you receive. If you are using the router at home, make sure that it is placed in the central room so that the signal is transmitted equally to every direction.

Working out the above steps should certainly help you improve the quality and strength of your Wi-Fi signal. If none of them worked out, consider replacing your old Wi-Fi router with a new one. If you are convinced about our services after testing OmniTech support, feel free to contact us.

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What EOS For Windows Server 2003 Means

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Microsoft has announced plans to cut off support for Windows Server 2003 by July next year. As a result of this, server sales are looking to go up among enterprises, according to an executive at Dell. EOS for Windows Server 2003 is set to happen much the same way as it did for XP in April this year. The latter managed to bring up the number of PC upgrades to Windows 8, which users had consigned as a last resort.

Most data centers base their security on many factors, and one of these is the networking OS they use. A fourth of the enterprises in the world use Windows Server 2003, with the numbers standing as high as 12 million currently. When end of support arrives, these companies will essentially be hung out to dry, considering the security implications, especially regarding online scams. The current upgrade option available for such concerns is Windows Server 2012 R2. Although Linux is a big favorite too, it’s not Windows, and that’s what most people want.

Server shipments have been swelling for some time now, but this has slowed down noticeably. Hyperscale servers aren’t being upgraded as commonly as multisocket high-end servers are, even though sales of the latter had flatlined recently.

Statistics stand at 2.3 million during the first quarter, which shows a 1.4 per cent rise from the same time last year. Both these figures were published by IT research firm Gartner. The sales growth has been mostly seen in China, which is currently a fertile ground for the servers. Intel projects a slight increase in server sales, when the company begins their release of the Xeon E5 server chips in this quarter.

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Companies will have the option to do their server upgrades using the set cycle, and get the new operating system ready for the cloud. Windows Server 2012 comes with better storage and networking features, as well as virtualization functionaries. There’s also better network security than Windows Server 2003 has been able to provide so far. This would eliminate the protection discrepancies, which online scams commonly get through.

The upgrade from Windows XP forced users to move on to smaller, thinner laptops, which is similar to the outlook that enterprises are facing. They will be moving on to faster, more efficient systems this time, and with better capabilities available for distributed computing. This last will help immensely with assigning tasks online among several call centers.

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My Experience Calling OmniTechSupport

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One of these days, I was happily browsing away on the internet, when I started getting stormed by multiple pop ups. Now I don’t much know about what goes on in the security upkeep and the like, when you use a Windows PC, but I get by, considering I stick to reading blogs mostly. I have an antivirus installed too. My daughter has configured an automatic update setting so that I don’t have to even glance back in that direction.

So I’d found an interesting read and was settling into it with coffee in hand, and then, these pop ups started coming up. Closing the browser windows just made more pop ups appear. This was far from my element, and my daughter wasn’t home to help me out.

I’ve never been big on tech support, because I’d never needed it before this incident. I was eager to get back to my reading, and sitting about doing nothing wasn’t going to exactly help. I grabbed my phone and Googled tech support services, to see if there were any I could call. Frankly, they all seemed much the same, so I decided to call someone, who had a significant number of satisfied customers. This was the only sensible thing I knew to do; and a few moments later, I was calling OmniTech Support. There were more satisfied reviews than OmniTech Support fraud reports, which is why I chose them.

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I was shortly connected to a technical representative, who asked me what the problem was. I explained. He said this was probably a malware attack; had I disabled the firewall before going online? I told him this was all Greek to me, and asked him to just make the pop ups stop. He told me he’d fix it, and that he was going to do so remotely. He mailed me a link he said I had to download a file from.

Getting around the pop ups, which were still appearing all over the screen, I managed to download and install the application and enter the password he told me to. The technician then proceeded to fix the problem from his end, with me watching.

It was all over in under 30 minutes. The service was expertly handled, and affordably priced. It was a good thing that I didn’t let those few OmniTech Support fraud posts convince me not to call them; because now I have a go-to service for any software issues I might have.

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Xbox Live Problems Resurface Even After Resolving Sign-In Issues

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The recent issues in Xbox Live services, which prevent both Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One users from signing in to the online game has been resolved, according to the latest announcements by Microsoft through the official Xbox Twitter account. However, this service is still not restored to its earlier glory and experiences certain social and online gaming issues.

According to the reports, the service outages affect the ability of users to join other Xbox Live members in an online game. None of the troubleshooting tips mentioned in OmniTech guides will solve this issue since the solution lies with the server itself. The problem has been detailed by Diablo 3 Party Chat for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms which even mentions the server unavailability that is currently experienced by Xbox One users. Specific geographic locations, namely U.S., Australia and Europe are the worst hit since most of the gamers who experienced the issues were from these specific areas.

According to OmniTech staff, Xbox Live’s support page reads, “Hi Xbox members. Are you having trouble connecting to Party Chat on Diablo 3 on Xbox One and Xbox 360? Additionally, Xbox One users, are you experiencing server unavailability issues?” They continued to say, “Us too, but we’re working alongside our partner to get these issues fixed ASAP! We’ll keep you posted when we have more information on this issue. In the meantime, thanks for staying patient.”

However, the problems with the Xbox Live gaming servers do not permeate to issues with the Xbox Live’s core services. This is evident because the purchase and content usage feature of Xbox Live is running smoothly. Microsoft has promised more information about the status of Xbox Live.

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Even the rivals, the Sony PlayStation network, is experiencing issues over the weekend, caused by DDoS  (Distributed Denial of service attacks) by hackers. The same clan of hackers has claimed responsibility for the present attacks as well. Moreover, these attacks have been quite significant and have caused significant disruption to both gaming networks, despite being a common and relatively easy to pull off threat, as most OmniTech guides confirm.

The hackers group call themselves the Lizard Squad. However, no further details are available and the authenticity of this information is questionable. The OmniTech staff believes they are a major cause of concern since cyber terrors have increased from being just a source of annoyance to being actual threats capable of doing true harm.

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Professional Tech Support Service Just A Phone Call Away

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You should always let professionals handle the IT problems in your office, because if you do not know much about what you are doing, you can make it worse. For example, you might not realize that the problem is caused by a virus infection and in your attempts to solve the problem, you might end up infecting all the other systems in the network as well.

Get professional tech support service from OmniTech Support

Also, what might take you days to figure out, the certified professionals would solve in a matter of minutes. Of course, such professional tech support service does not come cheap. However, these days, you can easily find quality tech support services at affordable rates. A good example is OmniTech Support.

They have been in the tech service industry for more than a decade now and during this time, they have provided quality services to millions of customers around the globe, and in the process, built up a good reputation. However, this also means that a few Omni Tech Support scams websites have popped up online in the last few years trying to take advantage of this reputation they enjoy.

This is a common problem online and Omni Tech Support scams are by no means an isolated case. You will come across rip-off websites for Microsoft Tech Support, Apple Tech Support and so on. It is up to you to take the necessary precautions and stay away from such scam websites.

Chat Support Service

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As far as the original OmniTech Support website is concerned, they provide excellent round-the-clock tech support for all kinds of IT problems. Their tech support team consists of certified professionals who have expertise and experience in dealing with different software products that you use in the office environment.

Once you sign up for the helpline service, you can get tech support through the helpline numbers, the live chat support service or through the remote access option. As part of the tech support service, you will be receiving many software applications and tools as well. These applications are designed to keep your office systems safe from malware and virus attacks. Monthly PC maintenance check-up and performance optimization tips are also included in this service package.

With their expert tech support personnel offering support, you need not worry about any tech problems during the duration of the subscription period. Just call their helpline number when you run into any problem.

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