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I am a business owner and I use Windows 7 operating system for carrying out all my business and personal works. For carrying out many business correspondence activities, I have installed Microsoft Outlook on my laptop. However, I was not aware about the new toolbar present in Microsoft Outlook. However, with the help of my friend, I was able to bring back the standard toolbar in Microsoft Outlook. To know more, read the full article.

The Outlook standard toolbar

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client application released by the tech giant Microsoft. It provides many features useful for both businesses and home users making it one among the most widely used email client application. Moreover, it also provides some customizing options, which customers can make use of. Generally, toolbar is the menu that will help you in getting easy access to various functions offered by the specific application. Usually, the standard toolbar is hidden in Outlook and you need to make some small changes to bring it back. Well, given below are some easy instructions that will help you to show the standard toolbar in Microsoft Outlook.


  • Start the process by opening the Microsoft Outlook application by either double clicking on the shortcut icon for Outlook or you can open Outlook application from the Windows Start menu.
  • To see the list to toolbars, it is needed for you to give a right click to the menu that is displayed in your Outlook application. You need to checkmark the option called Standard by clicking on it.
  • Next, from the top menu of your Outlook application, you need to click on the option called Tools and for the keyboard accessible method, you need to click the option labeled Customize.

    Outlook support number

            Standard Toolbar in Outlook

  • Now, you need to click on the tab called Toolbars followed by again putting a checkmark for the option called Standard by clicking on it. Now, the Standard toolbar will appear on your desktop screen.
  • If you are in a situation where you need to hide the Standard toolbar, you can easily do it by deselecting the Standard option by clicking on it.

These instructions given by the Outlook support team would help you to easily show the Standard toolbar in Microsoft Outlook application. To know more about the Microsoft Outlook tools, contact the Outlook support number. The Outlook support team will answer your queries about the Microsoft Outlook tools available.

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Steps To Uninstall Or Disable Yahoo Toolbar

Removing Yahoo Toolbar

Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

Internet browser toolbars can be of either great help or much annoyance to the users. It can be of great help since it allow easy access to different websites and services with a single click. However, it can become annoying when the speed of the internet browser slows down after the installation of the toolbar. Some of the toolbars widely used around the world are Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, AVG toolbar etc.

Steps Involved

Among these toolbars, Yahoo toolbar allows users to access different Yahoo services like email, news, whether etc. directly. However, if the toolbar has made your internet browser run slow, then you can remove it with a few steps. Removing Yahoo toolbar is a simple process and in this post, we will take you through these steps.

From Control Panel

  • Open Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel window.
  • In the window for Add or Remove Programs, you will find Yahoo toolbar. Select it and choose the option Remove. This will initiate the removal process of the toolbar.

From Internet Explorer

It is not necessary to remove the toolbar completely from the computer if you intend to use it at a later stage. In such cases, you may use the Disable function in the Add-on Manager window. Let us go through these steps below.

  • Run Internet Explorer and click Tools from the menu bar.
  • In the sub menu that drops down, select Manage Add-ons, which will open the window for Add-ons Manager.
  • In the Add-ons Manager window, select Yahoo Toolbar and click the Disable button that you find at the bottom of the window.
  • Restart Internet Explorer. You will not find Yahoo toolbar when the browser opens. The advantage of this feature is that whenever you feel like installing the toolbar, you just need to open the Add-on Manager window, select the toolbar, and click Enable.

    Technical Support

    Delete Yahoo Toolbar

From Firefox browser

In order to remove the toolbar from Firefox browser, launch it and choose the option Tools. Click Add-ons to open the window for Add-ons Manager.  Select Extensions and this will give you the list of toolbars in the browser. Choose Yahoo toolbar and choose the option Disable. If you want to delete the toolbar permanently, choose Remove.

With the above steps, you can disable Yahoo toolbar from your internet browsers. For additional help on removing Yahoo toolbar, you may contact our technical support team.

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Troubleshooting The Calendar Issues In Outlook

Outlook problems

      Solve Outlook problems

Microsoft Outlook is one of the favorite email applications for many and other than using it for personal purposes; business organizations prefer using the same for their online email communication. They find Outlook to be quite useful for communicating with their colleagues, clients and employees.

If you were one among those who use Outlook to make calendar appointments, you might have felt that some of the appointments, which were already marked on your calendars, are missing.  Many Outlook users face such Outlook problems and the Microsoft Exchange Outlook is not the cause of it. Email clients and connectivity protocol are the major factors that create such Outlook problems and along with it, you could even consider the synchronization timing as the cause of this peril.

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps that will help to reduce the hassles with calendar problems in Microsoft Outlook.

  • If you use Outlook at both home and at office, ensure that you use the same version. Let all your delegates use the same version along with the latest service pack. This can be implemented on computers that are used for calendar syncing. If you have different platforms, it would be better to switch to a single version.
  • A single person can be authorized to process meeting requests. Other people on the network, who receive such meeting requests can simply delete the request or even ignore the same.
  • You should strictly use only Outlook for managing your calendar. Do not access Outlook from your mobile device to making any changes to your appointments. You can but create new appointments from your cell phone.

    business organizations

            Fix Outlook problems

  • The mobile phone that you are using need to have the latest version installed and let it be updated to avoid possible problems that could arise.
  • If you wish to alter a meeting completely, it would be better to change the original meeting and make a new one.
  • If there is a meeting that is to be avoided, it will remain in your calendar until you delete it. You could try to reschedule the meeting if it is yet to happen.
  • As per the recommendation of Microsoft, it would be better if you do not give the end date for no more than 6 months.

These are the different things that you should take care to avoid Outlook problems with calendars. Hope these were helpful to you!

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Steps To Delay Sending An Email Message In Outlook

Help With Outlook

        Features Of Outlook

If you want to access the emails received in all your internet email accounts, then an email client is the right solution. With an email client, you can configure multiple emails. With this, all you need to do is simply launch the program and the program will start downloading the emails from the internet servers to the computer.

There are many email clients to choose from and among these email clients, Outlook is one of the best. This is because Outlook has a simple interface and has numerous features integrated in it. One such feature is its ability to send a message on a later date set by the user. With this feature, you can prepare a message and set a specific date to send the same. The program automatically sends the message and this avoids the troubles of memorizing the specific date to send the message. In this help with Outlook section, we will help you find out how to send an email on a specified date.

Steps Involved

  • Select the option Start and click All Programs.
  • Choose the option Microsoft Office and click Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once the Outlook program comes up, select the option New and this opens the window for composing a new email message.
  • Enter the contents of the email and enter the email address of the recipient in the To field.
  • Once you finish entering the details, select the tab Options.
  • You will find a button Delay Delivery and this opens a new window with the title Message Options.
  • Under the heading Message Settings, select Importance and Sensitivity from the respective drop down boxes.
  • Mark the box next to the option Do not deliver before and select a date from the drop down box. You may also choose a time before which you do not wish to send the message.

    Technical Support

              Outlook Email Configuration

  • You can also select an expiry date for the message. For this, select the option Expires after: and then choose the ate and time from the drop down box.
  • If you want additional security for this message, click the button Security Settings and this opens the window for Security Properties. Select the security settings as per your requirements.
  • Click OK once you finish with the security settings.
  • Choose the option Close in the Message Options window.

We hope that this help with Outlook section has helped you to delay the message to be sent to a later date. For additional help, you may contact our technical support team.

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Steps To Make Your Computer Run Faster

Microsoft Help Line

      Features Of Microsoft OS

Sometimes, your computer may respond slower than it is used to earlier. There could be many reasons for this slow response. The junk files stored in the computer, a virus issue, a large number of startup items etc.

Steps Involved

So, how can you make your computer run faster? According to Microsoft help line, it requires only a few simple steps to tune up your computer and it does not require you to be a computer genius to perform these troubleshooting steps. Follow the steps below to make your computer run faster.

Clean junk files

In order to clean the junk files from your computer, select the Start menu and open the Run window. In this window, type %temp% and click OK. This opens the window that contains temporary files in your computer. Remove all of these files from the computer. Similarly, type temp in the Run window and click OK to open another temporary folder. Remove all files in this folder.

Disable startup programs

There can be numerous programs in your computer, which start to run in the background and are launched when your computer boots. You may disable such programs to increase the booting speed of your computer and improve its overall performance. Open the Run window again and type msconfig. Click OK and this will open a window called System Configuration Utility. In this window, choose the tab Startup and select the option Disable All. This disables all the programs that are launched when your computer turns on.

Uninstall unwanted programs

Technical Support

Microsoft Operating Systems

Open the Start menu and click the option Control Panel. In this window, double click the option Add or Remove Programs. If you are using a Windows 7 or a Windows Vista computer, select the link Uninstall a program, which is found under the option Programs. In the newly opened window, you will find the list of all programs installed in the computer. From this list, select the programs that you no longer use or the ones, which are irrelevant and click the option Uninstall if you are using a Windows 7 or Windows Vista OS. Choose the option Remove if you are using a Windows XP computer.

Once you complete all the above-mentioned steps, you may restart your computer. You can find that the boot time of your computer has decreased and it runs much faster than before. For additional help on tuning up your computer, you may contact Microsoft help line or our technical support team.

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