Update Your Windows 7 OS With Service Pack 1 To Receive Continued Support From Microsoft

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Microsoft ended the support for Windows 7 RTM by April 9 last year. This decision was made after Microsoft released its Windows 7 service pack 1 in 2011. According to Windows 7 support center, the Windows support lifecycle policy specifies that support of RTM ends two years after its first service pack releases. For other Windows 7 users, this is not going to be a problem. They will receive support for the operating system until 2020, even though its mainstream support ends by January next year. Therefore, you will receive updates and other security patches until the end of this period without troubles.

You might have heard of service packs before. So, what exactly is a service pack? It is nothing but an update released by Microsoft for its operating systems. This update would contain many changes, which are made based on the customer feedbacks received. Microsoft had released three service packs for its Windows XP operating system until its end of support period. Service packs are very important for the smooth functioning of an operating system. This is because users would be able to install updates for the operating system only if they have installed the service pack that was released prior to it. According to Windows Life Cycle policy, you need to install a service pack at least two years prior to the release of the new one. After this period, you will not receive updates for the operating system from Microsoft.

Windows Life Cycle

        Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7 support center says installation of the Windows 7 service pack could be very helpful as it comes with many modifications to the operating system. With the new update, you can make your operating system more secure. The update comes with features, which are designed to enhance the security of the computer. With the new service pack installation, you can ensure that you would receive all future updates for the operating system. The service pack also enables users to deploy the updates with a few simple steps.

The installation of the service pack helps you to run the programs in the operating system without troubles. Keep in mind that all future updates would be intended for the Windows 7 Service pack 1 until the release of a new service pack. Therefore, if you are running Windows 7, it is high time that you installed service pack 1 for the operating system to receive uninterrupted support and updates from Microsoft.

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Microsoft To Roll Out Drivers To Enable Xbox One Controller On PC

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Xbox One is the latest gaming console from Microsoft. It has gone viral across the globe since its launch, invoking a direct competition with Sony’s PlayStation 4. Initially, Xbox One was priced a bit higher than PS4. Interestingly, the tech giant cut down the price of Xbox One after lifting the mandatory requirement of Kinect sensors. Now, you can get Xbox Console without Kinect Sensors at just $499, in the same price range of PS4.

Windows compatibility of Xbox One Controller

Microsoft’s recent decision to add Xbox One Controller compatibility to Windows PC was appreciated by thousands of users worldwide. The decision was hinted by Larry Hryb, Xbox Director of Programming. In a press release, he said that the company would soon release drivers that can facilitate the compatibility of Xbox One Controller on a Windows PC. Windows support personnel were also found confirming the statement of Hryb.

What to expect after Xbox One Controller is made compatible with Windows PC?

Apparently, the decision may not interest diehard gamers who love playing Xbox games on their consoles. But, folks who are obsessed with Windows PC games can find a better and more comfortable way to play their favourite games.

Downloading drivers to connect Xbox One Controller to Windows PC?

As of now, Microsoft has decided to roll out the Xbox One Controller drivers for PC via its Windows update. However, there is no clear indication as to when the update that contains Xbox One Controller drivers will be released. A Microsoft spokesperson said that Xbox One users would be notified in advance about the release of the drivers.

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Meanwhile, it was reported that users could download the drivers from third party websites for the time being. Once the drivers are made available through the Windows Update, they can switch to them. MajorNelson.com is providing users with support on downloading the drivers and installing them before they connect their Xbox One Controller to the PC.

Microsoft announced that it would also provide PC compatibility for Xbox One Controller to play some of the popular Xbox 360 games. Even after the release of Xbox One, some of the popular Xbox 360 games are still popular.

Microsoft’s decision to extend Xbox One Controller compatibility to Windows PCs is to be appreciated. Folks now expect the tech giant to add extensive Windows support options to users who want to enable the gaming controller on their PC.

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How To Remove Babylon Toolbar

Babylon Toolbar Removal

          Babylon Toolbar

Babylon toolbar may get installed in your computer without your notice or consent and can eat away the browser space. Are you trying to remove Babylon toolbar from your computer? If yes, you can follow the Babylon toolbar removal steps that are explained in this article to get rid of all the instances of Babylon toolbar.

Remove Babylon search toolbar from Internet Explorer (IE)

  • Open Internet Explorer web browser, click on the gear icon that is located at the top right side, and then select Internet Options.
  • In the Internet Options dialog box, you may click on the Advanced tab, then select the Reset button.
  • In the Reset Internet Explorer settings area, check the Delete personal settings box and then click on Reset button again.
  • When IE finishes resetting, you can click on the Close button in the confirmation dialogue box and then select the OK button.
  • Close and open the Internet Explorer browser.

These are the steps to remove Babylon toolbar from the Internet Explorer web browser.

Remove Babylon search toolbar from Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox. At the top of the Firefox window, select the Firefox button, move to Help sub-menu and then select Troubleshooting Information.
  • Click on the Reset Firefox button that is placed at the upper right corner of Troubleshooting Information page.
  • To continue, click on Reset Firefox in the confirmation window that opens.
  • Doing this will close and reset Firefox. When it is done, a window will list the information that was imported. Now you may click on the Finish button.

Doing these steps will remove Babylon toolbar from Mozilla Firefox.

Remove Babylon search toolbar from Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome web browser and then click on the Chrome menu button that is on the browser toolbar. Choose Tools and then click on Extensions.
  • In the Extensions tab, remove Proxy Tool, PortaldoSites Toolbar, Yontoo, BrowserProtect and all the unknown extensions from Google Chrome.

    Instances Of Babylon Toolbar

                   Toolbar Removal

  • Set Google Chrome as default search engine from Babylon search. Click on the Chrome menu button, select Settings, and then click on Manage search engines in the search area.
  • Choose Google from the Search Engines dialog box and click the Make Default button.
  • Search for Babylon toolbar in the Search Engine list and click on the X button at the end of the row.
  • Click on Chrome menu, choose Settings, and click on On the New Tab page in On Startup section.

These are the steps to remove Babylon toolbar completely from your PC. If you wish to know more on Babylon toolbar removal, you can contact our tech support team.

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What To Do If Outlook Fails To Open?

Outlook Will Not Load

         Outlook Program

Microsoft Outlook is used by many computer users round the globe to manage their email messages. Outlook program is the most popular email client program and is offered free with the Windows operating system. The users can encounter the Outlook will not load error while trying to access the program. The steps explained below will help you get rid of this error.

Before doing the steps, make sure that the Outlook program is not running in the background. You should also close all the error messages that are present on your screen.


  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can make use of the Start Search menu to type and search for the outcmd.dat file.
  • After finishing, you will be able to see the outcomd.dat file. Right-click on this file and then select Rename. Provide a different name to this file and then exit the Search results window.
  • Now you can click on the Microsoft Outlook icon in your desktop to open the program. The program should open up fine.
  • If the program is still not opening, you should go back looking for the outcmd.dat file in the Search Results window.
  • Right-click on this file and from the options, select Delete. If prompted, confirm the action by selecting the Yes button. You can now close the windows and then open the Outlook program. The program should open fine.
Running In The Background

           Outlook Not Loading

OUTCMD.DAT is a small file that saves the custom changes that you use in the Outlook toolbar buttons. As malware or virus infections target toolbars to slip into your PC, they add toolbars or add-ins to this file. This will make the file corrupted. If the Outlook program works fine after renaming the file, the user can customize the Outlook toolbar buttons again. Otherwise, you may delete the file and then re-customize the toolbar buttons.

Type C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 14\Outlook.exe /resetnavpane and then press the Enter key. This command assumes that your Office program resides in the Programs Files in the C: drive. If the program resides in some other location, you can change the path accordingly and then exit the Command Prompt window. Open the Outlook program and check if it is working fine. The program should work fine.

These are the simple steps to resolve Outlook will not load issues. If you need further assistance with the steps, you can contact our tech support team.

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Windows 8 Sales Slowing Down

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8

          About Windows 8 Sales Figures

After the release of the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft posted many articles comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8 security features and other available options in the two operating systems. Technically, Windows 8 is superior to Windows 7 when it comes to functionality, security features, and performance, but when it comes to the sales charts, Windows 8 is nowhere near its predecessor.

Comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8 sales figures

Microsoft does not give out their sales figures each month. However, they make announcements when the OS sales figures pass important milestones. The combined sales figure for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS crossed a 100 million mark around six months after its release, growing almost at the same rate as Windows 7 did during its first six months. But, this initial momentum did not last for long.

There is always some initial enthusiasm among the users for new products, and it is found that those users who are keen to try a new technology will buy the product in the first few months. But this interest wanes afterwards when the product fails to live up to their expectations. It seems that this has happened with Windows 8 OS sales as well.

Microsoft initiated a big marketing campaign to launch their new Windows 8 OS. This led to many Windows users sign up for the new OS, but majority of the Windows 7 and Windows XP users took a wait-and-see approach, especially because of the radical changes in the new platform user interface.

Windows 8.1 OS

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In fact, Windows 8 sales did cross the 200 million mark fifteen months after its launch. However, if you compare this figure with that of Windows 7, you will see that Windows 7 sales figures crossed over 300 million mark and was going strong within first fifteen months.

This is why, Microsoft released a statement saying Windows 8 sales has been making a slow and steady increase in the last few months. In truth, it is little slower than Microsoft would care to admit, and they have no idea what to do to boost the Windows 8 sales.

According to some online rumors, Microsoft is working on a new Windows version, which might be released by 2015. The tech giant hopes that the new OS will provide a good alternative to the Windows XP and Windows 7 users, and will help the company regain its dominance in the market.

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