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How to create a backup file in MS Outlook?”, is probably the question most commonly asked by Outlook users around the globe. This article discusses the instructions, provided by the most reliable Outlook Repair teams, to create a backup file in MS outlook. The procedure is not as difficult as many users might think. If you wish to restore MS Outlook to a previous date where it worked without showing any errors, then it can be done by restoring the backup file into the application. The Import and Export feature in MS outlook will assist you to create an Outlook backup file.

How to create an Outlook backup file?

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer by double-clicking the shortcut icon located on your windows home screen.
  • Now click on the File tab and from the drop-down list that appears, click Open and then click the Import option to launch the Import and Export window.
  • Now choose the option with the title Export to file, followed by hitting the Next tab.
  • Now select the folders that you wish to create a backup file for.
  • If the entire setup is ready, put a check mark in the field titled Include subfolders, and then click Next.
  • Now find a safe location on your system hard drive to store the backup files in. Once you finish this, select the option Replace Duplicates with Items Exported, followed by hitting the Finishtab. Now you have successfully created the Outlook backup file.

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How to Restore an Outlook Backup file?

First of all, you have to locate the backup file on your computer hard disk drive.

  • Go to the windows Start button and from the popped-up Start menu, click on the Computer option.
  • Now double-click the drive and navigate to the backup folder you have created.
  • Once you determine the backup file, right-click on it and choose the Restore previous versions option from the context menu. Now you will be able to view a list with the previous versions of the files.
  • Now choose the file for the particular date that you wish to restore to, from the displayed list. When done, select the Restore option to replace the present file with the backup file.

That’s all the Outlook Repair steps necessary to create a backup file in MS Outlook. For more information, contact the Outlook Support online.