Steps To Download And Install Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox add-ons, Download Firefox Free

Mozilla Firefox add-ons

Firefox is a free and open-source web browser application developed by the Mozilla foundation. The browser is an application designed and launched to power Windows, Linux and Mac OS devices. The device is powered by Gecko and is one of the most rated web browser applications. You can download the browser for your device free of cost from the official web page with ease. Follow the steps below to install Mozilla Firefox add-ons and to enhance web viewing experience.


  • Switch on your system and wait for the log in screen to appear. If you have multiple user accounts, make sure that you log into your administrator account. To log in as the administrator, click on the Administrator account option and when asked, enter your password and username.
  • Wait for the home screen to appear. Launch the browser application. Navigate to the official Mozilla Firefox webpage. Click on the Download Firefox Free button.
  • Wait for the download to begin. You can go either for installing the software or for saving it for later.
  • Select the Run option when prompted. Firefox will initiate the online installation process. Wait for the process to Finish. This may take a few minutes to finish. When the download finishes, a dialogue box will pop up. You can select either the Install option or the Save option from the displayed dialogue box. Select the Install option to launch the offline installation process.
  • Hit the Continue or Next option when prompted to proceed with the installation. Wait for the Setup Wizard to launch. Follow the onscreen Setup Wizard instructions to successfully Install Firefox browser application.
Mozilla Firefox add-ons, Download Firefox Free

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Finish button when prompted to exit the setup process.
  • Restart the computer. Once again, log into your administrator account. Wait for the home screen to appear.
  • Launch Firefox app once again on your system. To launch Firefox app, either double click the Firefox option or select the label that reads the same from the program’s sub menu.
  • Custom set your browser, like setting it as your default search engine, creating home page etc. Visit the Mozilla official webpage to download  Mozilla Firefox add-ons and extensions.

Follow the instructions briefed above to install Firefox on your system. Visit our Mozilla tech support page to know more about Firefox add-ons and plug-ins. You may also seek support from blogs and open discussion forums.