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Unearth information from Help and Support in Windows 8

Windows 8 Tech Support

Screenshots of Windows 8

Wedged in between options? Windows 8 help and support is the best choice to go for now. Many people get confused about where to start and how to start their work in computer. Windows 8 help and support is a much advanced feature developed by Microsoft Windows 8 tech support team, this application will guide confused users to the solutions for their dilemma regarding computer. Its quiet sure that everyone will beckon to Windows 8 help and support. Go to the start button and type in the word “Help”, its quiet simple like you won’t have to type the entire word completely, before that Windows 8 will pop up with the icon that will lead you to the Windows 8 help and support. All you have to do now is to click on it and open the application. Once you initiate the application the Help and support Window will emerge on your desktop. This program consists of three sectors; now let’s see what Microsoft offers through these three sectors in Windows 8 help and support.

The three sections of Windows 8 help and support

Windows 8 Tech support

Screenshots of Windows 8

  1. 1.     Get started – this section works more like a tour guide, this feature will give you an insight to the operating systems and its features. New and advanced features are highlighted. It’s useful to a user that doesn’t have good idea about computer, as it explains from the root of the computer starting from input devices and later going through touch screen tablets, addition of new devices and ending by giving a brief idea about program installations and its usage.
  2. 2.     Internet and networking – this section will guide a user to the world of connectivity. This section will give a tutorial about connecting to the World Wide Web or better known as the Internet world. Internet is something that’s unavoidable in today’s world. So educating users about internet was considered by the tech giants Microsoft seriously and that’s visible in this section. In this era people connects more than two computers to a network and share files and folders. This section will take you through networking too.
  3. 3.     Security and privacy – tech monster Microsoft gaze at security far above the ground. Better and reliable security measures are ensured in each and every operating system that comes from Microsoft. Windows 8 tech support team developed “Help and support” feature in Windows 8 making it capable of describing users how to create strong passwords, stay away from viruses and infected malwares.