How To Remove Unwanted Startup Programs In Windows Vista?

Windows Vista Help, System Configuration window

Remove Startup programs in Windows Vista

If you think you have a slow loading computer, then you might need to check whether you have too many programs loaded in your Startup program list. Usually when you buy a computer, the system would have many programs already installed in it, many of which you’d find useless at times. Moreover, as you keep installing more programs, they will automatically be placed into your computer’s startup list.

If you have too many programs in your startup list, your computer is sure going to take more time to load, and this in turn will slow down the overall performance. By removing those unnecessary programs from the computer startup list, you could improve your computer speed to some extent. Here are the Windows Vista Help guidelines that will help you to remove unnecessary startup programs from your Windows Vista computer.


  • Click the Windows Start button and select the Run option.
  • Type “msconfig” into the Run text box field and click “OK” or press “Enter”. This will open the System Configurationwindow.

    Windows Vista Help, System Configuration window

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  • Click on the “Startup” tab in the System Configuration window. This section will show you the list of programs included in your computer startup list.
  • Go through this list to see if you have any programs that you don’t want to load when your computer starts up. Select all those unnecessary programs by marking the checkboxes adjacent to it. It may be noted that even if you remove all programs from the startup list, your computer will still load, though certain things may not work as is expected.
  • After you are done with this, click on the “General” tab on the System Configuration window and select the “Selective Startup” option. Doing this will load your computer with only the selected programs in the startup list, the next time that the computer is booted.
  • Click the “OK” button. You will get a prompt to either select “Restart Now” or “Restart Later”. The changes will take effect only after you restart your computer. But selecting to restart later will anyways save the changes you have made to your computer.
  • Exit the System Configuration window.
  • After the computer is restarted, you will be notified about the changes you have made. Click the “OK” button to confirm the changes.

Get Windows Vista Help from Microsoft Help and Support Center, in case you want further assistance on this.