Bringing back Start Bar in Windows XP


Start Bar

Windows XP is one among the most used Operating systems/ platform in the software market. Windows XP was the flagship of the Redmond professionals for 4 years. Still Windows XP is a star among the users. Still there a millions of users, in business and in home, who rely on Windows XP as the computer platform. Windows XP support is still available in the form of extended support and will end by mid 2013. The performance and appearance of the Windows XP platform is very good and it amazes its users even in the current market. The Windows XP are able to provide the latest features even now with the help of Windows XP tweaks and patches.

Windows XP taskbar is one of the prime functional part in the Windows XP. Windows Taskbar and its contents – System tray and Start Button – allow the users to access all the options and features of the platform lying within his privileges. The taskbar in Windows XP displays active windows along with Quick Launch icons and system information. This is a very good option. But it gets in the way of a lot of programs from attaining full screen feature. But Microsoft has the provided option for customizing the task bar to change its settings and the location, size and appearance. There is the option for hiding the Taskbar when not in use. Restoring the Taskbar is very easy and if you don’t want it to be hidden, there are ways around. Here are some instructions that can help you finish the sail.


Windows XP support

Start Bar

  1. Power ON your PC. If you have multiple OS select the Windows XP OS and wait for the platform to boot. Log in using your user account.
  2. Wait for the Windows Desktop and applications to load. After the load, since the Windows Taskbar is hidden, press the Windows Start button or Ctrl + Esc on the keyboard. This will cause the selection of Windows button and pops up the Start Menu.
  3. The Popping up of Start Menu causes the Windows Taskbar to break the invisibly mode and stay on top.
  4. Now you can right click on the Taskbar and click on the properties option in the drop down menu. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, uncheck the box aligned to the test “Auto-hide the Taskbar”. After that click on the Apply button and then on OK button.
  5. You can access the Task bar properties from Control Panel also.

For more on Taskbar Customization, check Windows XP support forums.