How To Replace Missing Or Corrupted Files Using Windows XP CD?

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Due to several reasons such as unexpected power failure, imperfection in the software installation, virus attack etc., your operating system files may get corrupted. If you are having Windows XP installed on your system, then these missing or corrupted files can be replaced using a Windows XP installation disc. The Windows XP CD comes with a software utility to check and repair Windows XP system file problems.

Here are a few instructions given by the Windows XP Support team for replacing the corrupted and missing files in Windows XP using the installation disc.

Guidelines to follow

  • First of all, insert the Windows XP installation disc into the CD/DVD drive of the system and reboot the computer. When the system starts up, you will be able to see a pop-up message saying Press any key to boot from CD/DVD…. Then press any key on your keyboard to load the files from the installation disc.
  • Once you have finished loading the essential files from the CD, press the R key on your keyboard and choose the Windows installation that you want to check from the displayed list. When done, press Enter. Input the administrator password when prompted, and then press Enter Key.
  • Then type chdsk /r without any mistakes in the command prompt followed by hitting the Enter key to start scanning your system for missing files.
  • Now input exit into the command prompt, and then press Enter to reboot the system.
  • Now log in to the administrator account by providing the username and account password in the desired field.

    Windows XP Support, software utility

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  • Then go to the Windows Start button and from the pop-up menu, choose Run option.
  • Now input cmd into the Run dialogue box and then press Enter to launch the command prompt window.
  • Now type sfc /scannow into the command prompt, and then press Enter. As soon as you press the Enter key, the system file checker utility will start scanning your Windows machine for missing and corrupted files and replace it by copying the replacement file folders from the XP installation CD.

Once the replacing procedure gets completed, as per the directions from the Windows XP Support team, reboot the system to bring about the changes. For more advanced troubleshooting tips on Windows XP problems, visit the Windows XP website.